Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Northern Norway

Last summer, I scored northern Norway, and I want to show you my 5 favorite spots now to get to Norway I flew to Troves, Ohio. I made the long drive all the way to the Fulton on our way to LA, which was the town of Headings, far away.

1. HENNINGSVAER: (Northern Norway)

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We travelled to Norway to visit the most picturesque football pitch on the road. Upon arrival, I was astounded to discover that the pitch was empty and that we had the place to ourselves. However, we made the mistake of forgetting to bring a football.

Norway, Henningsvær, winter, autumn, rainy, mist, morning

So we ended up running around aimlessly and performing strange tricks for a good hour or so. Nonetheless, we had a great time. I’ll just use my drone to capture some of the coolest images I’ve ever taken. Ensure that you include it on your list, and remember to bring a football. (Northern Norway)


highland, sunset, Kvalvika, beach, Kvalvika beach, Norway, Lofoten

    So after leaving VAR, we took the two-hour drive to the famous beach known as Kvalvika Cavell Vika. It is about a two-kilometre hike into the beach, and you’re going to start walking on these planks through this marsh, and then you’re going to kind of hit the saddle, and it’s going to start turning rocky, so you start walking down towards the beach. Now this beach is going to blow your frickin mind; like, I could not believe how pretty this was, and we came right here.

    Europe, Moskenes, tourist attraction, tourism, beach, Kvalvika beach

    ” We arrived, and there’s this peak, and we wanted to hike to the top and get a better vantage point, so we started to spring up the mound to try to reach there before sunset. About 30 minutes into it, I was dying to get there because it had this natural glow, and it was just unbelievable The water is like a Caribbean blue, the grass is green, it feels like you’re in life.

    Coastl, islands, Kvalvika, Landscape, Lofoten, Mountain, Norway

    So we’re tropical, and then the mallards are just absolutely huge, like it is unbelievable. It was extremely hard and truly steep, and unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the top of that beautiful vantage point. It was absolutely beautiful, and I would highly recommend it. If you guys have a tent, you can actually camp there. So after we took a different way back from the top, you had to walk on these wooden planks. It was extremely marshy, so beware; you might get your shoes and pants wet.

    So that night, we spent the night near the baby.

    3: REINE: (Northern Norway)

     Reine, Norway, Lake, Mountains

    The following day, we travelled the 30-minute drive to read. Now, if you type in Norway into Google search, rain will appear, and it is exactly what you imagine Norway to be. It simply has these enormous sea mountains that rise out of the ocean that are green and beautiful, as well as these red houses that are just absolutely stuck.

     Reine, Norway, Lake, Mountains

    When we arrived, we flew the drone around the town and explored the floating islands. If you decide to go, stop right there, because it’s going to blow your mind. (Northern Norway)

    4: SENJA:

    Norway, Senja, Here

    This mountain that absolutely just blew my mind when I saw it and it’s in this town and said yeah, so how’d it get there is in a town called Fjord Art and we’re going to drive through this tunnel is what initially drew my attention to Norway, and it was the reason why I kept travelling all the way up to Senja in Sydney after visiting Raid. It’s very shady, and then you’re going to get into the tiny town of Fjord.

    Norway, Senja, sun, midnight, Midnightsun, ocean, arctic, orange

    Where you have to drive up to the base of the mountain. I hiked up that mountain, which was actually quite difficult, and when I reached the top, I was just in awe of how this mountain just sticks out of nowhere. There was that big mountain right there, and then over to my right side, there are more mountains, all of which are just incredibly beautiful. This all lies on the extremely high It’s wonderful drone footage.

    But after the lights were on for about two hours, I thought it was too spooky to stay up all night. I went back to my car, and the very next thing I saw was that the lights had gone out completely.

    5: TUNGENESET AND BERGSBOTN: (Northern Norway)

    Norway, Skaland, Tungeneset, rocks, water, fjord, sea, sky

    I travelled around Morrison and visited Tungeneset and Bergsbotn Set, which are approximately a 30-minute drive from Fjord Art. I got some amazing drone photos there, and it was incredibly gorgeous, after which I drove to Burger Boated Bergen. Bowman has a very well-known lookout.

    Okshornan Peaks, evening, sunset, Norwegian Sea, Tungeneset, Senja Island, mountain landscape, seascape, Norway

    So I went somewhere else. I just decided to go for a hike by a nearby lake, but I ended up finding this lake and deciding to hike up this mound. I eventually hiked back down, and that night I spent the entire night just taking pictures of the door lights. getting some lovely video of sitting.

    After which I drove home and boarded an Airoplane, and that was my vacation to Norway. (Northern Norway)

    Anyway, those are my favorite locations in northern Norway. I hope this is helpful as you plan your trip, and we’ll talk to you later .

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