Top 10 Countries To Visit In Europe [Best For Travel]

Welcome everyone to this website for the first time. Today we’ll be presenting the Top 10 countries to visit in Europe. You’ll find the best travel destinations for your next vocation. Europe is known for being a continent of great historical and cultural importance. It’s nicknamed the old continent for a reason, it’s impressive to see how European contries have a mixture of modern and ancient architecture also with great coasts and mountains. They give us wonderful Landscapes and environments. The beauty history and culture is absolutely breathtaking and it’s the continent that offers the greatest variety of countries. So that your vocations are fun and full of learning at the same time without further do. Let’s get to know the top 10 destinatios.


It’s located between Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea a country known for receiving a large number of tourists annually. Because they have a great combination of attractions. Ranging from beautiful beaches, nearby Islands national parks and it’s also a country of great history and culture. The most visited cities in Croatia are Dubrovnik Ravine split. The capital Zagreb tourists tend to concentrate mainly on the coast since they offer water activities. But visitors also tend to be enriched by the many cultural events of these medieval coastal cities which hold events every summer.

Croatia has a marine system with very little pollution. So it has huge nature reserves and about 15 percent of tourists engage in activities. Associated with nature a very popular community in Croatia. Finally if you’re a lover of appreciating the beautiful panoramic views of nature. You can visit the Biacovo and vidova of over mountains the 2 highest peaks in the country.


The Netherlands located in Northwestern Europe has the luxury of receiving an average of more than 15 million tourists annually since 2015. It’s a beautiful country which causes many people to visit simply to see how the cities are built and learn about their history. The main cities to visit are Rotterdam the Hague New Trek Maastricht and Amsterdam. A distnctive feature of the country mainly in the Netherlands is the great use of bicycles. Both residents and tourists use them for their comfort on the flat streets, thus being able to travel and enjoy the architecture of the city. Aside from the country’s Rich culture and beautiful sites. The Netherlands is also known for its great Commerce. Where Taurus flocked to shop in part it’s, because the city of Rotterdam is home to the largest port in Europe and the second largest in the world. (Visit In Europe)


portugal located in southwestern Europe. It’s another one of the most visited countries in the continent. Portugal has been growing in tourism and this is shown by the numbers from 2020 to 2021. Where they had a growth of 48.4 percent receiving 9.6 million visitors. Portugal offers its tourists the sun and the beach has its main attraction since there are so heavenly. Among the most important cities to visit in the country are Lisbon. The capital Porto guimaras and Braga.

Portugal is known for its traditional festivals in the summer and it’s where tourists go to visit the most historic towns such as obedoes monserras and Marvel. Where you’ll also find a desirable gastronomer. The capital Lisbon is the central place in portugal. Where many tourists go and it’s because of the combination of having several of the largest shopping centers on the continent. Very good quality beaches a few hours from the city and topping it off with the country’s historical monuments. All of this makes this city truly impressive.


Greece is a country to the southeast of the European continent bordered by other territories to the north by sea in its other three cardinal points. The best known being the Mediterranean Sea. Greece is characterized by its great mountains and its contact with the sea. This country has great history and extensive culture which makes it considered to be the first great civilization of the West. When visiting this country you’ll find landmarks that will take you back through history in aspects such as philosophy theater politics and sports. Greece is characterized by having mountainous territories Mediterranean climate and wonderful beaches such as Mykonos zacanthos and creedy. This makes it a tourist location of great Global attraction. Other sites visited are the Greek ruins the Acropolis of Athens and Delphi an archaeological site located in the south of the country and declared a world heritage site. (Visit In Europe)

6- GERMANY – (Visit In Europe)

Germany is a completely Mediterranean country with a population of more 83 million. It’s the most populous among the member states of the European Union. It’s a country where you can find great buildings many historical cultural and artistic events. The most visited cities in Germany are Berlin, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg and Munich. Germany is known for its nightlife where in almost all its cities. You will find discos and clubs, despite what few believe. Germany also has impressive Landscapes but the famous black forest with our beautiful forests and walks to enjoy. Germany is also known for being a Powerhouse in the automobile industry and has some of the best car museums in the world including the Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW museums. For beer lovers Germany offers a wide variety of them. It’s responsible for 23% of Europe’s production with more than 5000 brands. (Visit In Europe)


A landlocked country located in Central Europe. Switzerland is known to be one of the most developed countries in the world. It’s characterized by being neutral in Politics. Which is why it has a large number of immigrants from Nations on several continents and it’s also considered a European country with one of the highest cultural densities. What’s most striking about Switzerland is its nature tourists often go to Lake Geneva. A lot where they practice water sports and go for walks in the Meadows. During the winter the Swiss Alps are the perfect Paradise for ski lovers. Some of the most renowned Resorts and ski resorts are found in this region. Switzerland is also known for its famous watches chocolate production great Railways and the famous Swiss cheese.

4- SPAIN –

Spain is located in southwestern Europe. Its geographical location is coast. Its diverse climates Landscapes and its culture in general make this country. One of the main International destinations in the world. In 2019 Spain was the second most visited country in the world with 83 million tourists. The most visited cities in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. Spain has modern buildings an Exquisite Gastronomy and spectacular museums. Among which the city of Madrid El Prado and Reina Sofia stand out. Among the most visited areas of Spain in search of sun and Beach are the Balearic Islands, Malaga and Ibiza where the nightlife also stands out. (Visit In Europe)

3- ENGLAND – (Visit In Europe)

England is one of the four nations that constitute the United Kingdom. Its territory covers part of the South and center of Great Britain. The most important cities in the country are London Oxford Liverpool Cambridge bath and York. London can be said to be the main attraction of England and you can do multiple activities. Such as strolling through Hyde Park shopping in the Camden and Portobello markets and visiting the British museum. Many also take advantage of the trip to England to get to know. One of the most prestigious universities in the world. Which is Oxford if you go to London you cannot miss out on. One of its most traditional activities which is having tea.


France is located in Western Europe. A country that is always at the top of everyone’s list and in 2021 it topped a list a countries with the most tourists. France is known for its wine production. Its Landscapes culture and history. The most recognized cities in this country are Paris, Marseille, Leon, Toulouse nice and not. We know France from many aspects such as Gastronomy, Fashion, sports, parties, great infrastructure and big stores. France has impressive museums and world-class works of art such as the Mona Lisa. If you go to France you can’t miss the Notre Dame Cathedral the Basilica of the Sacred Heart the Louvre Museum. The Eiffel Tower and the Disneyland Paris theme park also one must visit the blue coast. One of the most famous tourist areas in France where you’ll find good weather to see and appreciate the beautiful mountains. (Visit In Europe)

1- ITALY – (Visit In Europe)

Italy belongs to southern Europe located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy receives about 60.5 million tourists per year and is in the top 5 with the most tourism in the world. Among the best known cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Milan. Rome its capital is one of the cities that receives the most tourists in the world with an average of 12 to 15 million tourists a year. If you go to the Capital, You must visit the Coliseum of Rome. The amphitheater from the time of the Roman Empire. This country also benefits from the religious and cultural tourism generated by the Vatican City. Italy is known for many aspects spiritual, artistic, architectural, landscape nature, archeology, history and culture.

This country has almost 8000 kilometers of Coastline with multiple Landscapes and for those who like to get to know the mountains. You can visit the Alps. Italy is recognized for its art numerous monuments. The Pisa tower Gastronomy with its pasta wines. Its paintings cinema theater its lifestyle in general literature and music espacially Opera.

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