Top 10 BEST Places To Visit In Portugal

Welcome back everyone to send travel in this BLOG. We’ll be presenting the top 10 best places to visit in Portugal. Here you’ll find the best travel destinations for your next vacation. Portugal is located between Centrel Europe and the Adriartic Sea. A country known for receiving a large number of tourists yearly and this is because they have a great combination of attractions. Ranging from beautiful beaches nearby Islands national parks and also a country of great history and culture without further Ado. Let’s get to know the top 10.

10- COIMBRA – (Visit In Portugal)

The former capital of Portugal Coimbra is now the third largest city in the country. It’s famous university of the same name. which was declared a world heritage site in 2013. From the Coimbra University you can also visit the old Cathedral of coimbra impressive for its large walls and a beautiful interior view with a large patio. Where there are multiple chapels. Another place to visit in coimbra is the Botanical Garden a place to disconnect and just have a good time. The combination of multiple fountains and a great variety of plants make. This tour a wonderful one to see.


It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal located in the southern region of the country and It’s famous for its Coast. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in all of Portugal. If you planned your vacations thinking about visiting beaches then you must visit this island. You’ll find golden sand and stunning clear waters. You can also visit the municipal Market. Where you can find some local products, such as cheeses local desserts fruits and sometimes even local Artisan products. If you’re looking to learn about the history of the country. Bath in its perfect beaches stay in high quality hotels and take advantage of the best climate in the area while tasting great food. You should definetely consider tavida among your destinations to visit in Portugal.

8- ELVAS – (Visit In Portugal)

Elvas located near the Spanish border. The Portuguese town of Elvas is home to amureda aqueduct a historical site. Where you can enjoy its architecture and learn a bit about its history. It’s one of the most impressive infrastructures to see and it crosses almost the entire city. Another must see location that this city has to offer is. It’s one of the best fortresses built in Europe characterized by its Great Walls and never being conquered by an enemy Army. UNESCO even declared it a world heritage site in 2012. Also in elvas you can enjoy one of the most picturesque carnivals in Europe. Where you’ll even see Spanish troops marching something similar to the carnival in Brazil.

7- EVORA –

Evora ever has a city founded by the Romans and has a combination of tourist attractions and historical areas that make it a great place to visit in Portugal. Its most precious Monument is the Temple of Diana. It’s a Roman structure that’s dedicated to the Goddess Diana which is still in great condition to this day. There are also people who visit the prasadugiraldo in the heart of this city. Here you can appreciate Gothic architecture joined by a few places close by to have a drink. The intresting thing about Evora is that just by walking through its streets, which may seem like Labyrinth. You’ll see old houses and beautiful buildings as well as wonderfull shops and numerous churches without a doubt. You’ll feel like you’re in a completely European atmosphere.

6- MADEIRA – (Visit In Portugal)

An archipelago that belongs to Portugal and home to famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Madiera is what many consider to be a Dream Island. If you want to see breathtaking views with warm tempratures characteristic of an island. This is the place to visit in Portugal. The beach is one of the main attractions of the area. In which you can take part in some of the water sports available there. Tourists usually go to the famous levado walks. Where there are small paths to tour the island and see the water on this tour.

You’ll see waterfalls lagoons valleys mountains and forests. If you’re in for a hike you can check out the Madeira Botanical Garden located in function. One of the most famous beaches will be calienta Beach. It’s golden sand and crystal cleas waters are admired by all of its visitors. There you can try canoeing windsurfing and also enjoy a meal at one of the restautants facing the sea.


The Azores archipelago is a group of islands that are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Many choose to visit this place in Portugal because of the beautiful views, it has all around. One of the first activities you can do, once you get there is take a boat ride to be able to see the whales and dolphins in the area. Scuba diving is also a popular activity that takes place at the island. He can go for a dip in one of the black sand beaches. The islands have to offer or you can enjoy the natural swimming pools. One of the most famous being the islet of villafranca ducamo. Surfing paragliding cycling and golf are some of the main activities that attract tourist. Lastly you can’t forget about enjoying a bath in the hot springs on the island of San Miguel.

4- PORTO –

Porto is one of the most touristic cities in Portugal and it’s beacause of the fascinating attraction. It has to offer a city that houses a lot of history of first class astronomy and a vivid nightlife of some of the great features of the city. One of the most visited places is the daughter river, which crosses the entire center of the city and it has six bridges that cross over. There are specific tours available where guys will offer to take you through the river. At night you can visit the different bars and restaurants located in the Hebeda district. Don’t forget to visit Villanova jigaya. Where the Porto wine cellars are located wine tasting can be done here and once you’re done you can hop on the cable car and enjoy the view of the city.

3- OBIDOS – (Visit In Portugal)

Obidos is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Portugal and it has a lot to offer. It contains very ancient walls that are still in great condition surrounding the entire center of the city. Tourists from all around the world usually walk between the impressive walls to enjoy the view of the city. Many visitors make sure to walk through the main street of orbitals, which preserves the ancient and medieval touch.

Here you’ll find many churches restaurants and shops to see along with the local Gastronomy. Where many fish Wines and Liquors stand out. You’ll be able to enjoy one of the most stunning golf courses in all of Europe. Where lovers of the sport will also be able appreciate the view of the Atlantic Sea. Last but not least don’t forget to visit the first duarelio Beach a great place to eat seafood and watch the sunset on the seahore.


Algrave is a region of Portugal located in the south of the country. Where you’ll find amazing beaches tall Cliffs and sandbanks. Direct contact with the sea is used by tourists to enjoy bathing and play water sports in the area. There are a few golf courses that are internationally recognized, where you can enjoy the views while playing. You’ll also find a great variety of the best hotels that Algrave has to offer. Other activities to do during your stay are hicking and cycling along the roads near the coast. Many choose to take a boat trip with a tour guide to learn about the Ecology of the area.


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It’s the great history that is hidden in this city. Plus the combination of visitors from all over the world that make this destination the best one of the country. Lisbon has a wide variety of things to do to have a great time for those who like to go shopping. It’s full of big plazas and large squares such as the Glamorous Avenida libarted the armasenes duciado and by Alto here. You can also find multiple restaurants bars and painting workshops. Don’t forget to visit the largest Square in Lisbon. It’s a symbol of the city and it has a very pleasant space to walk along the river. You can also take a boat ride along the river and be amazed by the wonderful scenery.

Well that is it for my Portugal top 10. It’s one of my new favorite countries and I just love it so much. Let me know where your favorite place in Portugal is in the comments below.

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