The 12 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Asia in 2023: Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam

Welcome back, folks, to a brand new blog. If it’s your first time visiting Asia. There are plenty of destinations that have recently been opening up due to covert restrictions. So this blog is only part one of the two-part series. So let’s take a look at 12 beautiful places to visit in Asia.

1- KYOTO- (visiting Asia)

After two years of border closures amid the pandemic, Japan reopened to travelers in late 2022. So if you only have time for one Japanese destination, make it Kyoto. Kyoto, centrally located on the archipelago, has long been considered the cultural capital of Japan. Brightly colored kimonos emerge from wooden tea houses, forests of bamboo temples and shrines in gold and silver, and of course, the Zen Gardens. Gion is the place to spot Geisha Higashiyama has many beautiful temples to explore, and Irashiyama. In the Western Hills is one of the most traditional neighborhoods, home to bamboo groves and temples. So don’t forget to wander through the famous Fushimi Inara shrine.


Nara was Japan’s first permanent capital and was full of historic treasures, including many of Unesco’s world heritage sites. It’s one of Japan’s top attractions, and it makes a rewarding day trip. From Kyoto to visit all the temples and the wild deer in NADA Park. You should visit the Diamond Sudan Ji, which is the main site and the largest wooden building in the world. The temple was constructed in 752 as the head temple of all provincial Buddhist temples in Japan. But it grew so powerful that the capital was moved away from Nara in 784 in order to lower the temple’s influence on government affairs, and believe me, nothing prepares you for the immense site.

3-SEOUL- (visiting Asia)

Soul is by far the largest city in South Korea and a major destination in East Asia. There’s absolutely no end to the attractions in this city. But I suggest you start with some of the many palaces, five of which are located in Seoul. For a taste of Korean traditional culture and architecture, a visit to the village should be your first choice. The neighborhoods of narrow streets feature hunters houses, or traditional Korean houses, and a historic area. The bonus is that it’s right in the heart of Seoul, close to the second attraction. Which is the Palace and its wonderful gardens. Also close by is the Palace, which is the biggest hut of all the palaces in Seoul. Originally built in 1395, its creation marked the official change to Seoul as Korea’s capital. So make sure you get the chance to see those two.


Now for anyone visiting Seoul or Busan this is a great opportunity to add this to your list. It’s a stunning Island that’s 85 kilometers off the coast and one of the most beautiful places in South Korea. One of the most famous places you will see surreal by sand beaches surrounded by Pine forests volcanic craters and lava caves and a wild Coastline dotted with waterfalls holds the longest lava tube in the world. So you can see why it’s been the country’s favorite domestic holiday and a very popular honeymoon destination. There were regular flights to and from cities such as Tokyo Sago Beijing and even Shanghai.

So if you do visit Seoul it just takes over an hour to get there. While from the coastal city of Busan it’s just less than an hour. So with a natural Paradise like this it’s definitely too difficult to ignore.

5- BEIJING- (visiting Asia)

One of the most populous cities in the world. And also one of the oldest China’s capital is home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites including the Imperial Summer Palace. Its Gardens the oldest canal in the world and the Forbidden City. Which is a palace complex that served as the home to China’s Empress for 500 years so you will see that. There is so many attractions for any type of Traveler. So our first stop you can head to the huge Tiananmen Square. She’s bordered by so many fine buildings such as the Forbidden City but just under an hour away. You can visit some of the nicest parts of the Great Wall of China twisting and weaving. Its way over the hills and mountains of the countryside it really is a powerful example of engineering.


Taiwan’s bustling food-loving capital has something for everyone. Whether you will travel to Taipei just to indulge in the city’s complex history. Where you can see the traditional temples, or you want to see the unrivaled nature, or perhaps you just want to eat at the world’s best night markets, this city has got you covered. It’s efficient, easy to navigate, and very budget-friendly, and the standout attraction is the once-tallest building in the world, which may not be the record holder, but it’s still one of Taiwan’s most impressive buildings and very well worth a visit. On a fine day, if you’re able to go on a hiking trail, you’ll find a photography platform that not only provides you with an amazing panoramic view of the city but also allows you to enjoy the views during the day as well as the neon lights at night.

7: HONG KONG- (visiting Asia)

Over seven and a half million people from all over the world occupy this small island of Hong Kong, making it the third most densely populated place in the world now. Hong Kong also has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world at 355—an impressive 75 more than the city in second place, New York—so a good number of these are located around Victoria Harbor, which is a public area to see some incredible views of the most stunning coastal skylines in Asia. It’s also worth noting that Hong Kong is on a bit of a roll right now with new restaurants.

New bars and hotels continue to crop up. You have plenty of events happening in March, and throughout the year you also have sporting events like rugby, so the whole world is actually watching. But here’s another thing: Hong Kong is actually going to give away half a million plane tickets and spread them around throughout southeast Asia as well as the rest of the world. I’ll put some information in the description below.

8- HOI AN-

with the famous cobblestone streets narrow canals Chinese style Shop houses and the French colonial buildings this UNESCO world heritage site of hoyan is one of the most beautiful towns in Vietnam it’s located on the Central Coast former trading ports are famous for its historic Old Town so even though many of the old shops have been converted into modern businesses such as tailors art galleries souvenir shops and restaurants the town still has retained its old-fashioned charm and its atmosphere so if you do visit hoyan once you’ve wandered the town you can hire a bicycle and explore the villages around to get a glimpse of rural Vietnamese life and I think that is where the beauty lies another bonus is that you can straight away move on to deny now this is an incredible destination whether you go this year in 2023 or in the future.

9-HA LONG BAY: (visiting Asia)

The UNESCO world heritage site of Ha Long Bay is world famous for its silky emerald waters and towering limestone mountains that are cloaked in lush rainforests. A foreigner’s absolute must would be to take an overnight cruise through Ha Long Bay on a traditional boat, which will be the highlight of your Vietnamese holiday. You’ll take in otherworldly scenery as you glide along the gentle waters, passing the local floating villages. You can relax, take a dip in the calm, clear waters, or go kayaking through the breathtaking caves and canyons. It really is the ultimate way to explore one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam.


One interesting place to visit this year would be Luang Prabhan and the 33 villages that surround it, which are all parts of the UNESCO town of Luang Praben, a world heritage site. Together, these sites are home to an incredible mix of cultural and architectural heritage that has shaped Niles through the centuries. The Temple of the Golden City is a good example of this 18th-century structure showcasing a historically significant place where all the Laos Kings were once crowned, so this town is best explored on foot or even by bike. You can get lost in the narrow alleyways, where you’ll find temples, houses, and colonial buildings.

11- LOMBOK INDONESIA- (visiting Asia)

now Indonesia is considered a very affordable vacation while millions of people flocked to Bali where Resort prices are actually more expensive you can still enjoy a much cheaper and more peaceful trip in places like lombok which is located east of Bali now this place is blessed with Scenic beaches and a much needed Escape for tourists away from the hustle bustle of Tourism then there’s Roger ampat meaning Four Kings an archipelago comprising of many islands or where you can see Landscapes like mushrooms so these are two stunning locations of course from lombok to Raja ampa is quite a distance so please be prepared to visit a remote island such as this but 2023 could be a perfect year to visit.


Ayutthaya is one of the best day trips you can take from Bangkok, and it’s easily one of my favorite places to visit in Thailand. Even if you hate the idea of history on vacation, this place will convert you. It’s easily reached from Bangkok. Ayutia is one of Thailand’s ancient cities, and its stunning UNESCO-listed ruins take you on a journey back in time to China’s Golden Age, surrounded by rows of Buddha statues swathed in saffron tones. You’ll want to make a date with my headset. The famous stone Buddha head peers out from the infinite rocks of a banyan tree growing around it.

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