The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Florence, Italy

Welcome back, folks, to a brand new blog. Florence’s entire city is a Showcase of the Italian Renaissance, the artistic movement that broke Europe out of the Dark Ages, so if you’ve never been to this city before, let’s take a quick look at 10 beautiful places to visit in Florence_Italy.

1- PIAZZA DEL DUOMO- (Visit in Florence_Italy)

Piazza Duomo and the group of buildings that form is Cathedral complex gather some of Italy’s greatest artistic Treasures into one relatively small area as you tour the Baptist history the bell tower the cathedral and its Museum you’ll see some of the best known masterpieces of art and architecture by the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance so this is a perfect way to immerse yourself into France as you arrive so walk around the square to admire the intricate marble exteriors then step inside each one to look more closely especially on a hot day there are guided tours and I’ve left a link under the description it’s about two and a half hours and it includes the cathedral the Dome the baptistery entrance fees and the option to wait to visit the Opera.


Now this is a w shaped Square in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. The broad square has been the centre of power in Florence since its 14th century origins, perhaps even before, as Etruscan and Roman remains have been found below the pavement, but today it’s a mix of people’s favourite meeting place filled with tourists and locals. At the centre is the Neptune fountain, and on one side is the Palazzo Vecchio, still housing the city’s government. Against the wall of the uffizi, you’ll also see several notable pieces, such as Perseus, the head of Medusa.


This may just be the most widely recognised icon of Florence, and its graceful archers topped by a mix of shops are certainly one of the city’s prettiest scenes. It’s the only bridge in Florence that managed to survive World War II, but the best views of the bridge are actually from the riverfront on either side because it’s less crowded, but you can actually also get some good views from the Upper Floor of the Uffizi Gallery if you decide to visit, which I think is a must.

4- UFFIZI GALLERY- (Visit in Florence_Italy)

Now, few would argue around the world about its place among the handful of world’s top art museums; its collections are simply staggering in their diversity and quality, but even if art is not your main interest whatsoever, you should still see the highlights of the paintings here. There’s also a great view by the way of Ponte Vecchio, just so you know, but you’ll come away with a lot more understanding of how Florence’s 14th to 16th century painters changed the faces of Western Art as you see the transition from the stilted Byzantine images to the lifelike figures and Landscapes of the Renaissance artists.


Now, behind the geometric marble inlay of the typical Tuscan facade. Sante Croce is both an artfield church and a mausoleum. Some of Florence’s greatest names are among its treasures, including several landmarks of Renaissance art. So it’s just a quick walk from the Duomo. It’s also the burial place of some of the most illustrious Italians, such as Michelangelo, the poet Foscolo, even the philosopher Gentile, and the composer Rossini, so it’s also known as the Temple of the Italian Glories. Just so you know, it’s a fair bit more expensive than most churches at eight euros. So from my experience in Italy, that’s quite High seeing as most churches allow you to enter for free.


Now that we’ve gotten away from the crowds, it’s time to go somewhere for a little bit of peace. Directly behind the palace are The Marvellous Bubble Gardens. The Medici family established this layout of the gardens, creating the Italian Garden style that would become a model for many European courts A vast green expanse with a regular layout is a real outdoor museum, and it’s populated by ancient and Renaissance statues. So the gardens are also adorned with grottos as well as large fountains such as the Fountain of Neptune and the Fountain of the Ocean. So if you want peaceful strolls, lovely fountains, and just beautiful views of the city. Then this is the attraction you need to head to.

7- PALAZZO PITTI- (Visit in Florence_Italy)

A day at the palace complex, and I’m telling you you could spend a whole day seeing it all. I’m giving you a little taste of the many things Florence has to offer, including an outstanding art gallery. The Medici Palace Florentine craftsmanship museums, history, the Royal Apartments, and one of Italy’s Premier Gardens. Which I’ve just explained, so I highly recommend that you do visit this particular attraction. But if a day isn’t quite what you had in mind, then at least tour the palace to see the Royal Apartments and the rooms where you will find paintings and other collections.


From any angle, inside or out, the 12th century octagonal baptistery is a consummate work of art. Its marble facade, the intricate mosaics of its interior, and the artworks it holds all play higher on your list. But the Magnificent bronze panels that were created for the doors facing the cathedral top them all. Nowhere have Brands been worked with such Exquisite expression as in these gates. So this is another really interesting place for you to visit.

9- PIAZZALE MICHAELANGELO- (Visit in Florence_Italy)

This terrace above the city is now an absolute standard stop for anyone who wants to see the beautiful views of Florence during the busy tourist season. I think the best time for you to go would be super early in the morning or at sunset. So although you can get a 360 degree Panorama view of Florence from the Dome of the cathedral. Only from this Terrace can you fully appreciate how Brunelleschi’s Dome dominates the city centre. No other height can give you the sweeping city view that encompasses other landmarks. You can walk here, and it’s about 20 minutes from, I would say, Bubble Gardens.


Now, as I mentioned before, Florence is a really crowded city. It will always be that way. It’s just because it’s that good. There are so many people around the world who just want to admire Nissan’s paintings and, of course, immerse themselves in the Florence environment. But while you’re walking around and you will be able to see so many Galleries and museums. There’s still an opportunity for you to get out of the city and see something else that’s not too far away from Florence.

Let me know what you think about Florence, and I will see you all on the next one, as always. Be kind and careful.

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