The 10 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit in France-Part-2

Welcome back, folks, to a brand new blog. There’s a good reason why France remains the most visited country in the world. From fairy tale castles to white sandy beaches to even the Alpine ski resorts. But in this blog, we’re going to focus on the picturesque cities. So let’s take a look at 10 beautiful cities to visit in France.


Paris is one of those destinations that must be visited. At least once and is also one of the world’s iconic cities. The French Capital firmly belongs at the top of this list. You could spend an entire week in Paris exploring the historic streets, the Eiffel Tower, and even the Louvre. But I recommend you take a boat trip down the river’s Inn to explore the city in a completely different way. You’ll be shocked by the sheer number of historic monuments and art galleries. But in the year 2024, you’re going to see the Olympics. Probably the prices are going to be a little bit steep. But it’ll be one of the best experiences that you’ll ever have.

2: LYON:

Paris, the D-Day beaches these are what people think of when they’re planning a trip to France, but Leon rarely makes the list. You see, Leon enjoys the mantle of the gastronomic capital of the world. There are more restaurants per head in this city than any other in France, which is just crazy. The country’s third largest city is also home to a whopping 21 Michelin star restaurants. But other highlights here are its Roman roots, which are visible in the Magnificent Lake Theatre. Which once seated up to 10000 spectators. Also, you’ll find the Jean-Baptiste Cathedral.


Now Venice tops many travel lists, and for good reason. But the sky-high visitor numbers are becoming an ever-more important issue, not just with Italy but for the sake of sustainable tourism. If you want to give Venice a break, consider a trip to NC in France instead. It sits against a backdrop of the Alps, which peek over the roofs of colourful 16th century houses that line the canals. I suggest you visit in the summer; it’s busier, but there’s still plenty of room to enjoy. You can hire a small boat and soak up the uninterrupted views. There’s no elbow jostling or tiptoeing around everyone; just perfect relaxation in a really wonderful city.


Now this is easily one of my favourite cities in France mainly because it’s such a cheap flight from Heathrow a Charming City in Southwestern France. It is perfect for a weekend getaway but for its beautiful architecture delicious Cuisine and of course the world renowned wine. But I think you should take a stroll around the city’s Charming old town and for me that is where you will Marvel at some of the most stunning buildings and just like Leon it’s another funny destination and whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood or a juicy steak you’ll find plenty of options here and the beauty of visiting Bordeaux is that you’re only an hour’s train ride away from visiting for those of you in search of a beach and some sea.

5- NICE-

Stretched along the shores of the sun kissed Azure nice should definitely be on your list and is easily one of the most beautiful cities in France it does feel sometimes like it’s Italy in certain areas given that it’s only 15 miles from the border but the Highlight I would say would be visiting the colourful old town where you can walk around getting lost admiring all the shops Antiques and of course trying the freshest Seafood and after a few days of sampling nice you should definitely check out as which is a beautiful Hilltop mediaeval village very close between Monaco and nice and is famous for its spectacular views walking the narrow streets of these towns like being transported back to the Middle Ages so be prepared to walk up a hill quite a lot.

6: STRASBOURG: (France)

Once you step back in time while diving into the unique blend of cultures, few cities around beat Strasbourg. Situated in the Alsace region, the two thousand year old city is one of the most unique places to visit in France, and I don’t mean just for the Christmas markets. Its proximity to the French German border has seen it change hands many times over the centuries. Black and white half-timbered houses from the 16th century are really nice to walk around and admire when you’re there. It’s also the gateway to other places in the Alsace region, so give it a try.


One of the few cities in France Fizz has quite as much history as Juan as one of the most important cities in mediaeval Europe. It has a turbulent past; in fact, it’s the site of Joan of Arc’s untimely end, and much of this history can still be seen in the city today. The bonus is that it kind of makes it a living, breathing city. Museum on the banks of the route. While it’s not quite as influential on the European stage as it once was, this modern day city is still one of the best to visit in France.

8: AIX EN PROVENCE: (France)

Another place in southern France with vibrant open air markets, hustling outdoor cafes, and plenty of fountains that lie in the public squares. As in most towns in Provence, the ambience here is slow-paced, relaxing, with long strolls along graceful tree-lined streets. The top attractions here would be the Old Town and the lovely Tree Line Avenue with many sidewalk cafes and restaurants. This particular location is just for a holiday; there are no specific attractions that you need to see; it’s just to take your time, relax, and really feel that French vibe.


Now what better way to begin the trip than down on the beautiful Mediterranean Coast in the port of Marseille beating back to 600 BC officially the oldest city in France but in fact it’s colourful past has helped to make it what it is today you can discover the tiny hints of city life as an Asian Greek Port as if you look hard enough but despite its checkered reputation Marseille has enjoyed something of a cultural Renaissance I think especially over this decade and these days it’s definitely one of the most interesting cities in France so highlights here would be to visit lepanier and the palace with its wonderful garden and Old Port and the bonus is you’re not so far away from the coastline of kelong which is to the south of the city and well worth a day trip.

10-AVIGNON:- (France)

Known as the Catholic Church’s capital for some time during the Middle Ages, is one of the very best cities in France to visit due to its long and rich history. The sharp structures and the Colossal Palace that the popes built during the 14th century are an absolute must-see, especially if you’re interested in the development of the city. If you’re lucky enough to visit in July, you will experience the bustling crowds, especially with the different events and art festivals that happen throughout the season.

There you have it, folks. Those are my 10 favourite cities to visit in France. Most of them are in the south of France It’s not my fault I didn’t put them there.

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