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Folks, to a brand new blog. Skinny is full of surrounding hills, Cyprus trees, and the most beautiful Hilltop towns. You will find in all of Italy. So we’re back again for a revamp of this blog with even more towns to choose from. So let’s take a look at 10 beautiful places to visit in Tuscany.

1- SIENA- (Visit in Tuscany)

Sienna is a precious Tuscan gem that’s always demanding another photograph. So this is where to go in Tuscany if you want to discover the region at its most enchanting. The historic site has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see the sloping cobbled streets and the atmospheric Palazzo Siena is one of the most beautiful places to go in Tuscany. You can even base yourself there, but away from The Piazza del Campo Siena’s highlights include a massive range of art Treasures in the city’s magnificent 13th century black and white striped Duomo, and as I said, it’s the perfect base to explore Tuscany’s countryside, including the Chianti region. (Visit in Tuscany)


Montepulciano, standing High atop a hill in southern Tuscany, it’s not too far away from Siena Monte Busano is a mediaeval town of rare Beauty and highly recommended when visiting Tuscany. When you visit the city, it is full of elegant Renaissance palaces and ancient churches Charming squares and plenty of hidden corners The town’s strategic position makes it a perfect base, and you’ll see why in a moment from which you can explore the beautiful corner of Tuscany you see from here you can reach the Charming Pienza or visit the thermal Village of Banyan Vignoni or even the famous Montalcino and a lot of other peaceful villages in a very short time.


There’s a city that sounds like no other, a jewel protected by high walls and embraced by a musical atmosphere. Luca is a city on the circular River in Italy’s Tuscany region, so what’s great about this town is that it’s entirely walkable and encircled on all sides by the best preserved Renaissance fortifications in all of Tuscany now because the historic sensor is enclosed by City Wars Luca has managed to convincingly preserve its heritage, so it’s a place that is very much lived in, but what I like about this town is that it has so many Towers to choose from, which means there are plenty of viewpoints to see Luca’s beautiful cityscape.

4: VAL D’ORCIA- (Visit in Tuscany)

So it may feel like cheating to include a valley as one of the best places to visit in Tuscany for anyone who’s actually been to the Val D’orcia. one mind about its inclusion as another of the Tuscan UNESCO world heritage sites, a stunning Valley that’s home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Italy, with Rolling Hills Vineyards and picturesque villages, something we can’t ignore.


Now one thing is for sure: you could spend a lifetime exploring the beautiful villages in Tuscany, but for sheer beauty alone, you can’t go past the hilltop town of Cortana. Every angle of this town is extremely photogenic, including the Magnificent views over the valley below, so for that extra special view, you can take the pathway up to the Fortress of Girafalco. Now the only good thing is the view that you can get from the top of the wall; that’s a price, but it’s only slightly better than that from the car park or the church below. (Visit in Tuscany)


Now few cities can Rival Florence for its artistic style; it’s everything you think it should be; it’s buzzing; it’s the heart of Tuscany with a sense of history on every street corner; so it does deserve a spot on this list of places to visit in Tuscany because how can you ignore a city that was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, filled with world-famous art museums, galleries, and even the massive cathedral, which took 140 years to build? If you can get past the scam artist in the centre and the massive crowds in the summer, Florence still has something for everyone.

7: PIENZA- (Visit in Tuscany)

The town of Piazza is a beautiful UNESCO heritage site that sits in the heart of Tuscany. You can expect Renaissance architecture at its best and gorgeous views It’s the largest town in the Val D’orcia region in central Tuscany, and it’s a city shaped by one man’s ambitious dream, and that man was Pope Pius II. Now this is easily my favourite town; you may see some pictures of mine on Instagram if you really scroll a lot. A little wonder will lead you to the southern part of the town, where you can see a spectacular view of Valdosta. Pienza is undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations in Tuscany, where you’ll find streets with evocative names such as veal Del bacho and Via dala more, so why not give this town a try?


Monteriggioni, a wall town in Tuscany known for its mediaeval fortifications and its watchtowers, is now a perfectly preserved mediaeval walled Village just 20 kilometres from Sienna in Tuscany. It’s a typical fortified Village that started its life as a castle perfectly rounded to suit the hill, which has stood since the beginning of the year 1200. Now the entire place is hidden inside a fortified Citadel where the walls and 14 Towers conceal its existence entirely, but there’s a Mediaeval Festival that’s held here in the first two weeks of July, so this could be a wonderful time to take your holiday in Tuscany. (Visit in Tuscany)


So forget the Seven Hills of Rome Sandra Minyana’s 15 towers are just as breathtaking. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Seattle, and it was a commune first raised by the ancient Etruscans. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, the church took over patronage in the town with the Glorious San Agustin, or Basilica, and the 12th century Church of Santa Maria Santa. With this movement came a steady stream of pilgrim poets who were very quick to eulogise San Germaniano’s beauty. This is a very juicy town that you have to visit.


Volterra is a walled town southwest of Florence. The central Palazzo de Priori has mediaeval frescoes and a bell tower with very expensive views. I couldn’t tell whether I preferred Volterra or Beluga, but I visited as a day trip from a farmhouse in Siena, and it was really well worth the trip. It’s an interesting Hill town that offers a variety of different things that you can do. You can visit the alabaster shops and see the artists working with the actual alabaster, or visit the Etruscan Museum, which was quite fascinating in itself, but I think the old Roman Amphitheatre is the highlight of the town.

So there you have it, folks. Those were 10 places in Tuscany. Hopefully, you get to see at least some of them. I appreciate those of you who do like the blog. Thanks for supporting the blog.

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