10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in South West England

Welcome back, folks, to a brand new blog. So previously on the playlist, we’ve taken a look at the south of England. Then gone up all the way to the north of the country, and now in this blog, we’re going to take a look at some beautiful places in the south west of England.

1- STONEHENGE- (South West England)

A stunning prehistoric monument nestled in the Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire, England. The iconic Landmark has fascinated and mystified visitors for centuries. It still remains one of the world’s most intriguing and significant archaeological sites Its colossal Standing Stones. Weighing several tonnes each, Stand Tall against the vast sky. They form a mesmerising site that transports you back in time. A visit here offers that unique opportunity to connect with the ancient world. There are so many people who really believe in this quite spiritually. Just imagine the ancient people who meticulously arranged these massive stones. Try to think of the rituals and ceremonies that may have taken place within its Circle.

2: BATH-

Nestled between the Cotswolds and in the beautiful County of Somerset. Bath is also very well known for its perfectly preserved honey coloured Georgian houses. This is a great day trip from London. It was granted world heritage science status in 1987. Now I advise you to spend a little time just walking around and exploring the well-preserved Roman baths themselves. Entrance to the baths and the temple includes a chance to view one of the original artefacts discovered during excavation over the decades. So if you have the time, you might even indulge in some of the natural Hot springs. As I said, this is a great day trip from London. It even takes around an hour and 20 minutes via the train from London Paddington.

3: TINTAGEL CASTLE- (South West England)

Now this is a very interesting destination that’s nestled along the rugged Coastline of Cornwall in the southwest of England. And famous for its mythical connections to King Arthur now the main highlight of Tim tejul is the castle itself. It’s perched on a rocky Cliff overlooking the sea so you can explore the ruins of this mediaeval Fortress. You can dive in into the Legends and stories that surround King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table it boasts breathtaking views of the coastline and the wild beauty of the Atlantic Ocean perfect for picturesque walks and it has beautiful beaches and there are plenty of local shops and cafes so whether you’re into history or just nature itself and visit here promises both Beauty and a lot of intrigue.


Now this is a pristine natural Paradise nestled in the southwest of England, an expansive Park that spans across Somerset and Devon. It offers those of you a very diverse landscape of moreland’s rugged coastlines and plenty of woodlands. So this is where you can walk around and discover hidden valleys, plenty of rivers and waterfalls. It’s home to a variety of wildlife, so this is a very relaxing park. Where you can dig deep and get stuck into nature.

LYNMOUTH: You can then visit the seaside towns of Linmouth and Linton. Which have been popular places to visit in Devon since the Victorian era. Linmouth, once known for Herring fishing, is a pretty Harborside town with lovely walks.

LYNTON: Another highlight is to check out the valley of rocks, which was once home to the Devil’s Castle. One day he came home to find his wives partying with the neighbours. So he fell into such a rage that he turned his wives into turrets of stone.

5- SALISBURY- (South West England)

A mediaeval Cathedral City in the southern English County of Wiltshire. It’s nine miles south of the immense prehistoric Stone Circle. We’ve just talked about Stonehenge’s ageless Beauty activating history, and it’s been welcoming Travellers since 1227. And at the heart lies Salisbury Cathedral, a beacon that has attracted visitors for centuries. The moment you step into this mediaeval cathedral, you’ll encounter more than 800 years of history. But around the cathedral is a modern mediaeval city full of buildings crafted with the care of another age. So here history is brought to life by modern and original events. Apart from the museums, Salisbury is also a base for you to discover the surrounding countryside. So try to give a little bit of time to this city.


Now let me tell you about this Hidden Gem in the Cotswolds. It’s like stepping into a storybook town with its winding streets, fascinating history, and very friendly vibes. So picture yourself strolling through the ancient lanes, admiring the beautiful architecture, and browsing the vibrant Market Square The sense of timelessness here is hard to resist, but beyond the town you’ll find Rolling Hills and Charming Villages that I’ll just wait to explore, and one of them is Lower Slaughter, a place where time seems to slow down and Beauty takes Centre stage. Charming Stone cottages, a gentle river that flows through with little bridges, and very peaceful streets make this village an inviting Escape where you can just relax and really enjoy The Simple Pleasures of an English Village.


Built between 1175 and 1490, Wells Cathedral in Somerset has been described as the most poetic of the English cathedrals. It’s set in the mediaeval heart of England, Swallow City, and is an easy drive from Bristol, Bath, or Cardiff Wells is the earliest English cathedral to be built in the Gothic style, so the current building is a significant landmark in the southwest of England, and it even has an international reputation. This kind of destination might not be on your list of things to visit, but maybe give this one a try.

8- DURDLE DOOR- (South West England)

One of dorset’s most photographed and iconic landmarks for those of you who are not from England this is a very good destination for you to visit it’s part of the Jurassic Coast world heritage site and it’s an extremely popular Beauty Spot especially in the summer located on low worth estate in South Dorset the coastline is of such International geological importance and is now part of a family of natural wonders including America’s Grand Canyon and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and see the Magnificent Limestone Arch which was formed when the power of the Waves eroded The Rock and forged a hole through the middle so if you do fancy having a summer holiday in England this destination might be on top of your list.


Rising dramatically from the Somerset Countryside Glastonbury tour is an iconic Landmark shrouded in myth and legend. A conical Hill topped by the remains of a mediaeval Tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and is believed to be a place of powerful energy and spiritual significance. This is the reason why it attracts so many visitors from all walks of life with Tales of King Arthur, Avalon, and the Holy Grail. So if you’re looking for a place of inspiration or a deep understanding, this might be a place for you to visit Bradford.

10: Bradford, ON Avon- (South West England)

A civil parish in West Wiltshire, England, just near the border with Somerset, has beautiful and historic buildings and independently run shops alongside these wonderful cafes River walks, hidden stairways, and unexpected alleyways offer plenty to do. The town has that feeling of being somewhere unique that hasn’t yet been discovered by the swarming tourists from nearby Bath, and it’s hot The river winding through the town centre explains the 17th century textile industry.

You could easily spend your time cafe-hopping and walking by the river, checking out all the little independent shops, but to really get a feel for the town, you also need to head up the hill, stopping along the way at some of the historical sites and ending with a breathtaking view across the valley. And there you have it, folks, just a few traces of some beautiful places in the southwest of England. If you do happen to have plans to visit the country this year, you now have a few options.

Thank you to those of you who support the WEBSITE. If you do have any particular destinations that you want me to visit to learn more about, please comment below, and I will see you all on the next one. As always, be good, be kind, and be careful.

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