10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ireland _ Part -2

Welcome back, folks, to a brand new blog. For those of you who love outdoor adventures, there’s a lot to be excited about in Ireland. With acres of wild countryside, vibrant cities, and crazy coastal cliffs. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. So let’s take a look at 10 beautiful places to visit in Ireland

1-Cliffs of Moa-

The Atlantic Ocean churns out relentlessly below the towering Cliffs of Moa. The Cliffs unfurl before you over 700 feet above the water for almost nine miles along the county Clare Coast. The views over Galway Bay towards the Aaron Islands are staggering. As are the vistas from the Five Mile Coastal Duel and Cliff Walk. This is one of the country’s most visited natural wonders. So do expect some crowds, but stop by in the evening when the numbers begin to dwindle. I promise you you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular sunset

2- Era Peninsula- (Ireland)

So the Ring of Bearer is a glimpse into Ireland at its most wild. This driving route itself is a mere 137 kilometers; it can be driven in roughly two hours. But every mile has something to offer in the way of diversions, side roads, and hidden gems all over. Bearer is beyond its 30 mile long forefinger of land that pokes powerfully out into the ocean. So it feels far more rugged, ancient, and untamed compared to its next door neighbors.

3- Cork:

The third most popular city in Ireland cork is located just a little way Irland. From the southwestern coast and given its Rich history and stunning architecture. It’s a little wonder why cork is easily one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. So no visit to Cork is complete without a tour of the iconic Blarney Castle. Which has been attracting people for over 600 years so there you will have the chance to participate in an ancient part of Irish folklore by planting a kiss upon the Blarney Stone but it’s a world famous rock located at the top of the tower I’m not sure if they still do that now but don’t forget to explore Cork’s closest port with its colorful houses creeping all the way up the hill

4- Dingo Bay- (Ireland)

The Dingle Peninsula is unmatched in its dramatic beauty, and it’s one of the essential places to visit in Ireland. It’s ringed by sandy beaches Rolling Hills has lofty mountains and craggy cliffs, so it never fails to attract people around the world with its charm and its unique Irish culture. So when you do visit, the town of Dingle sits on the edge of the peninsula on the southwest coast of Ireland’s wild Atlantic Way, and just a short ferry ride from Dingle boat tours, you can step into the blasky islands once inhabited until 1953, when they were abandoned. So the two highlights here are Dingle Bay and the scenic drive of the Connor Pass.

5-Kalani National Park-

In the southwest of County Kerry is an expanse of rugged mountainous country that sweeps down to the world famous lakes of Kalani. With its proximity to Kalani town, it has many heritage sites that you can visit, including Micros House and Gardens, Kalani House and Gardens, and Ross Castle. The views of the mountains, lakes, and the castle are just amazing

6- Ring of Carry- (Ireland)

Now for those of you who love to hire a car, take those scenic drives, and enjoy the freedom of the country, this one is for you. Just keep coming on the 112 mile Ring of Kerry, one of Ireland’s most celebrated touring routes, roughly skirting the edges of the Ivory Peninsula in the southwestern corner of the country. It starts and ends in Killarney, and along the way it threads through a ravishing reveal of mountains with Atlantic coastal views that include the UNESCO world heritage listed monastic settlement on Skelligible on the Glorious Golden Sands of Ross Bay Beach.

7- Donegal-

Donegal is an exceptional county filled with friendly communities, gorgeous Irish countryside, and breathtaking views Many visitors actually mentioned Donegal as their number one favorite area in Ireland, as people from all over the world travel just to explore the naturally beautiful surroundings Another one of the county treasures is Glenvey National Park, which covers 10 square kilometers of beautiful woodland and mountains It’s easily one of Ireland’s finest natural attractions, but I’m actually going to choose Doe Castle, which is just 22 minutes away by car

8-Sleeve League Cliffs- (Ireland)

Now these Cliffs are really spectacular, despite quite a few problems with the recent car park controversy, which you really need to do your research before you go there. It’s still very well worth the visit Standing at a whopping 72 feet, the Sleeve League Cliffs are nearly three times the height of the Cliffs of Moa, and they’re almost twice the height of the Eiffel Tower. It’s easily one of the most impressive natural attractions in Donegal, and the scenery you can soak up from the Sleeve League Viewpoint is just out of this world. To kick back and relax, check out the views of the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged Donegal coastline

9- Galway-

Galway lies in Western Ireland and is one of two European capitals of culture for 2020. So this is a place that celebrates creativity and craft. It’s also known for its ancient architecture and vibrant art and cultural scene You can visit the 16th century Spanish Arch overlooking the color Where the River Corrib mingles with Galway Bay, one of the best ways to explore the area is by boat, so try the Kored Princess. Another attraction is Dongura Castle along Galway Bay, built in the 1520s. This is arguably the most popular of the many castles near Galway City.

10-Connemara National Park- (Ireland)

Connemara National Park is situated in the west of Ireland in County Galway Connemara National Park covers a cumbersome 2000 hectares Scenic mountain expenses of bogs, heaths, grasslands, and woodlands So for those of you who love the great outdoors and lots of walking and hiking, this is the perfect holiday location for you 500 meters high, Diamond Hill rises above the small village of Letter. Frank So this is one of the finest hikes in the country. It commands huge ocean, island, and mountain views in all directions. So in a country full of places as beautiful as they are fascinating, connemara made just top that list. Even the famous Oscar Wilde once described the region as a “savage beauty” and in every way magnificent. And there you have it.

Folks, That was an island. Of course, I’ve left a few of the popular places out, so it is more about those scenic drives and enjoying the outdoors.

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