10 Most Beautiful Places in Helsinki for visitors in Finland

Welcome back, folks, to a brand new blog. Finland has so many art-filled cities like Helsinki, with more than 14 national parks scattered throughout the country and home to the world’s largest archipelago. So let’s take a look at 10 beautiful places to visit in Finland.

1. HELSINKI: (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)

Set on the south coast of Finland Helsinki is the smart Finnish capital and home to some stunning architecture, from the main railway station with its unique romantic style and the imposing, strict back Parliament House to the incredible 1960s Church. Which is set directly in an excavating rock. There’s a very intriguing mix of modern styles in this city that you will notice.

You can even start at the Senate Square and visit the Grand Cathedrals, but like a local. You should definitely cycle everywhere as much as possible and you can explore the unique architecture in that way. There are plenty of cool cafes If you do like your coffee. A few days to relax in Helsinki is a good amount of time to see everything in the city. (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)


One of the world’s largest sea fortresses, the 18th century fort on Saw Melina is a 15-minute ferry ride from Helsinki’s Market Square. So it’s kind of like a mini cruise that has lovely views of the city as a bonus attraction. Now the main point of interest is the Fortress Castle. Whose construction began in 1748 during an era of Swedish rule.

In 1808 troops surrendered the fortress to the Russians, and its condition deteriorated over the following century. Finally, after Independence was regained in 1917, the fins took over and took control of the fortifications and began the slow process of restoring the landmark.

3. TURKU ARCHIPELAGO: (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)

20000 islands and skerries which are rocky islets make up the Turku archipelago one of Finland’s most spectacular natural attractions. This is a majestic summertime playground just a hard Penn escape and a few Ferry rides away from toku. So there are no big ticket sites here just quiet settlements abundant bird life and a never-changing views of seas and the land.

So it is a magnificent environment for those of you who like cycling kayaking and even island hopping and nearer the harbor is Target Castle built around 1300 on what was then an island at the mouth of the river it was enlarged in the 16th to the 17th century and now houses the total Historical Museum. (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)


Now there are multiple national parks in Finland, all of which offer their own unique sites and landscapes. As I mentioned, Finland is a wonderful place if you seek nature. But some of the best views can be found in this national park in Northern Corralia, in the eastern part of Finland.

Climbing the Rocky Trail to look over the lakes and forests is just as breathtaking as seeing the Grand Canyon, and in winter. There are opportunities for those of you who love skiing.

5. THE ARCTIC CIRCLE: (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)

It runs across Northern Finland right through the town of Broadway near me, giving it claim to being the gateway to the Arctic. In the summer, this means the famous Midnight Sun, while the sun only stays above the horizon for a full 24 hours in Ruben Yemi. So this is perfect for those visiting Finnish Lapland and perhaps the home of Santa Claus.

Also, remember, you can also witness exceptional views of the Northern Lights if you’re very lucky. (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)


The country’s second oldest town, is only 48 kilometers east of Helsinki. It rises from a picturesque riverfront lined with little red wooded buildings through a charming tangle of old streets and different colored wooden houses to its hilltop medieval cathedral. The highlights here are the ornate 1764 pulpit and the wall paintings from the 15th century. As I said, Finland is full of cities and towns all to the brim with art, and Porto is still known for its fine arts.

So allow some time for browsing the shops and the studios.

7. ALAND: (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)

Now this is an autonomous region of Finland comprising of around six and a half thousand islands in a Swedish-speaking archipelago in the Baltic Sea. So if you’re looking for peace and calm, go island hopping or just stay put in Charming Maria. The world’s smallest metropolis, as it has wooden houses and green parks and is packed with restaurants, hotels, cafes, museums, culture, and everything else Islands can be reached from one of the two surrounding countries.

Finland Sweden is surrounded by sea in all directions. So this particular dollar and this particular location are where you’ll find fantastic outdoor life and the freshest sea air. (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)


Now seven Lena is the main city of Finland’s Lake Region, and there lies all of Nina Castle, dating back to 1475. It’s Europe’s northernmost medieval stone fortress that’s still standing. You will see three massive round towers that have survived, and in one of them is the church tower, which is a small chapel. It’s possible to participate in a guided tour throughout the castle and to visit the different exhibitions.

For those of you who are interested, you can learn some more about the history and the architecture of the castle. As well as the various events that take place, such as the Seven Learners or Professional. Which takes place right there as well.


The charming Naantali is the gem of the Finnish archipelago, a historical town with a unique combination of culture, beautiful architecture, and fascinating sites the quaint little shops, nice cafes, and restaurants, so this is a perfect Resort town. There’s a beach to swim right behind the church and the children’s play park, which is called “Moominland.” It was a stupid little character I saw as a kid on TV, but for those of you who are going there with families. I’m sure you’ll have a great day out.

10. FINLAND NATURE: (Beautiful Places in Helsinki)

Finland nature is a region of blue and green labyrinth forests

So whether you want to escape to lush forests or adventure in the Arctic wilderness. Finland has plenty of space for everyone to explore. It’s also the land of a thousand lakes, being the largest Lake District in Europe. A region of blue and green labyrinth forests and lakes all intertwined and forming ridges and passageways to secret lagoons and hideaways. So if you seek nature, this is the perfect place.

So there you have it, folks. Those were 10 awesome places for you to visit in Finland. Don’t forget to check out Aland if you have the time as well. That’s it from me. As always, be good, be kind, and be careful and read some Article click here.

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