Ireland is easily one of the most enchanting places on earth. From the cliffs of mother to the daunting skelling michael island. Ireland is a mystical land just waiting to be explored. These are the must-see destinations you don’t want to miss. without further Ado, let’s get to know the top 10 places to visit in Ireland.


Giants Causway located in northern Ireland about a three hours drive from Dublin. Giants causeway is one of the most recognizable places in all of Ireland. It’s famous for its jagged cliffs and over 40000 basalt columns. There are these perfect Haxagons that cover the coast according to legend. The causeway was built by an Irish giant, so he could cross the northern sea. When you started by hiking above the cliffs and then made our way down to the causeway. You were just amazed by the Bizzare rock formations. You have such a fun time walking on them. It’s wild to think they were made by nature now. While you’re there you can also hike around to other spots on the coast such as the amphitheater. I really like this one rock formation called the chimney stacks on the cliffs.


We’re still in northern Ireland we’re going to head over to Carrick a reed. It’s a scenic bridge that crosses the sea over to this little island. I was just amazed by the watercolor there. Which is so blue contrasted perfectly with the cream clips. Now just 20 minutes from there, you can visit the dark hedges. It’s this Aveue lined with over 90 beech trees. They were planted almost 250 years ago, now according to legend there’s a ghost called the grey lady. Who wanders the road Definetly has a spooky vibe especially at night.


We’re going to leave northern Ireland to visit the SLIEVE LEAGUE CLIFFS. Now located in the country of Donegal about a four hours drive from Dublin. Slieve league cliffs are some of the highest cliffs in all Europe with a height of 601 meters and they’re just Absoultely massive. Now when you’re there, there’s plenty of lookout points and there’s a path that walks along the cliffs that offers astounding views the whole way. If you went there for sunset but you want to get the most lighting. I recommend going for sunrise, the light will hit those cliffs really nicely.


It’s just a 30 minutes drive from Slieve league and it’s home to one of the best beaches in all Ireland called the silver strand. It’s this horseshoe shaped beach surrounded by green cliffs. Now if the ocean wasn’t so cold, you would think you were on a tropical island. Now there’s a stairway that walks you down to the beach. I had such a great time walking along the sand and exploring the grassy cliffs. Also in mountain bike there’s this really cool Napoleonic signal tower that was built over 200 years ago.


Now while we’re still in Donegal, you can visit mount Arigal. It’s the tallest peak in Donegal with a height of 751 meters. Now if you’re up for a challenge you can make the 4 kilometer hike to the top to get some phenomenal views of the area.
Now afterwards we’re going to visit EAGLE’S ROCK, now locate about 40 minutes from Donegal eagles rock is Ireland’s highest freestanding tower with a height of 330 meters. You can hike about 6 kilometers to reach the top of the plateau and it’s really a beautiful area over there.


Afterwards we’re going to head back to the coast to visit down Patrick head. Now located on the wild Atlantic way in north mayo. It’s a distinctly shaped headland home to the impressive DUN BRISTE sea stack. Now during world war-2 a lookout post was built here with the markings of air 64. Which was used by American aircraft. So they knew they had reached neutral Ireland, I mean I never knew. What the purpose of those markings meant i guess air is the IRISH word for Ireland, anyways just pretty cool history.


We’re going to visit the most famous place in all Ireland the cliffs of mother, Now located on Ireland’s west coast about three hours drive from Dublin. The cliffs stretch over 14 kilometers the highest reaching 214 meters above the sea. Now when you go to the cliffs you can park at the visitor center.
(A) – When we were there we parked at this place called GUERIN’S PATH. It’s about 5 euros a person and a shirt walk to the cliffs and not nearly as many people. There anyways when we reached them, i was just amazed by the size of the cliffs, i mean they were way bigger than i imagined and they drop off straight in to the ocean.
(B) – If you want to walk to the end of the cliffs. You can make the trek to HAGS HEAD. Also another cool spot is Obrien’s tower which was built in 1835. If you can I definetely recommend waiting for sunset as the light hits the cliffs. Giving it a strikingly orange glow, I mean it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular places in all Ireland.
(C) – Now another really cool spot right next the cliffs is DOONAGORE CASTLE. Just like 10 minute away and it’s a 16th century tower house. I just love its unique shape.


We’re going to visit the Aran islands, now they’re located right off the Galway and the Aran islands are made up of three islands with INISHMORE being the largest.
(A) – Now to get to the islands the best option is a ferry roseville. You can also leave from Dulan which is close to the cliffs more. Now the island is covered in these recognizable stone walls made from limestone, i mean they’re just literally everywhere. Now while you’re on the island you can rent a bike or just walk around and explore the intriguing landscapes and historical sites of the Aran islands.
(B) – Now another really cool place on the mainland of Ireland is DERRYCLARE LOUGH. It’s located about an hour to drive from galway and it’s this lake and it has this island with these distinct trees. It kind of reminds me of the island in harry potter, where like Dumbledore’s wand was hidden. Anyways it’s just this really scenic site on the countryside and it’s worth a visit especially.


We’re going to the country carry to visit the gap of dunloe, now located in the southwestern tip of ireland about a four hours drive from dublin. The gap of dunloe is this incredibly scenic mountain pass, now you can drive it. If you’re comfortable with skinny windy roads, now we parked at the beginning of the pass kate kearney’s cottage and then walked up.
(A) – Now one of my favorite features of the gap of dunloe is its bridges you can reach the wishing bridge with just a short walk from the parking. Lot another thing i really loved about the past was just the size of the mountains. I mean they were just absolutely massive and they were just covered in this dark green color.


We’re going to visit the Kerry cliffs, now locate about an hour’s drive from killarney. The kerry cliffs are some of the most beautiful place in all Ireland. They are over 300 meters high and many people told me, they liked them a lot more than the cliffs. Some more the cliffs have such a unique color and finger-like sections that extend into the sea and there’s plenty of viewpoints and just overall a great place to visit.

Well that is it for my Ireland top 10. It's one of my new favorite countries and I just love it so much. Let me know where your favorite place in Ireland is in the comments below. 

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