10 best places to visit in FRANCE

I recently turned from traveling around france and i want to share with you my favorite places. So here is my visit in france top 10. After visiting france it’s easy to see why it’s the most visited country in the world. It’s home to endless history enchanting towns from the towering alps to the cheek french riviera france is waiting to be experienced.

10- ETRETAT – (Visit in FRANCE)

A three hours drive from paris, this was the first place. I went to when i got to france the main reason i wanted to come here was to witness the impressive sea cliffs. When we walked through the beautiful coastal town and arrived at the beach. It had this nice pebble stone sand and you could get a view of the cliffs and they were freaking huge a lot bigger than i expected. Now after we decided to walk on top of the cliffs.

We strolled along the beautiful boardwalk and made it to the top my favorite features of the cliffs are the sea arches. There are three of them and i also like the pointed sea stack called ligui. After a bit sea fog started to roll in and give the area such a different feel and you’re just so much fun being on top of those cliffs. If you can i recommend staying untill sunset. The sun will hit the cliffs perfectly lighting them up with the orange glow.


Afterwards we’re going to visit the island of corsica located right above the island of sardinia. Corsica is this massive island full of so many diverse landscapes.. It’s home to jagged mountains and some of france’s best coastline. Now one of my favorite spots on the island is BONIFACIO. It’s this medieval town built upon these limestone cliffs, it’s nicknamed the mediterranean sentinel. Now it’s located right in the most southern point in the island. Nearby there are some more incredible white cliffs with crystal clear waters. Another one of my favorite spots in Corsica is the CALANQUES DE PIANA. There are these sharp red cliffs that dive into the sea. They have such a distinct color and there’s a windy road that drives right through them.

8- FRENCH ALPS – (Visit in FRANCE)

Now this is easily one of my favorite regions in all of France. It’s home to the incredibly massive MOUNT BLANC. Which is the highest mountain in all the alps at 4807 meters. Mount blanc doesn’t have the most prominent peak compared to other mountains but just hard to comprehend. How huge this mountain is now the town loki at the base of Mount blanc is CHAMONIX. It’s hub for some of europe’s best skiing and hikes. I really enjoyed walking around the town, it reminded me of a french vermont.


Now one thing you gotta do while you’re there is take the gondola to the Aiguille Du Midi. Now to get there you can take a 20 minute cable car ride, which holds the world record for the highest vertical ascent by a cable car with an altitude gain of over 2807 meters. It costs about 69 Euros for a round trip ticket to the top, now while i was there it was extremely packed. I think there was like some holly going on so just plan accordingly. You’ll take two lifts up and just wild how steep it is.

Now when you reach the top, you’ll be at an elevation of 3843 meters. You can definitely feel the shortness of oxygen in your lungs. When you get off the lift you’ll walk through this labyrinth of tunnels carved straight out of the granite. There’s tons of walkways and platforms to explore. You’ll get an excellent view of Mountblanc and the other mountains. Now one thing i thought was crazy is that there’s a place. Where the mountaineers exit to either go hike to mount blanc or just explore the glacier liquid doom and was such an incredible experience and definitely the highlight of our time in the french alps.

6- MER DE GLACE – (Visit in FRANCE)

Now another thing you can do is take the train to murder the glass. You can get a black multi pass for about 83 Euros. This will both let you take the train and the lift to liguitum. Now the train winds up the mountain and you get some great views along the way, sit on the left hand side get the best views. Now when you reach the top you’ll be able to see the Mer De Glace. It’s the second largest glacier in all of europe and what’s sad is when you look at pictures of over 150 years ago. You see how much this glacier has shrank regardless the whole area is breathtaking. You’ll get views of the surrounding mountains. They’re just like so jagged i’ve never seen anything like them. There’s also a restaurant and hotel up top.


Afterwards we’re going to visit the nearby city of Annecy. Now looking at the foot of the alps about an hour’s drive from chamonix. This alpine town is famous for its canals hence, It’s called the venice of the alps. Now the city is just absolutely magical but what i love about the region is the lake Annecy. It’s surrounded by scenic mountain, it’s known as one of the cleanest lakes in all europe. I mean i can’t think of a better place to enjoy on a hot summer day.

4 – PARIS – (Visit in FRANCE)

After we’re going to france’s capital of paris. Now since the 17th century paris has been europe’s major center of finance diplomacy fashion and the arts. Paris is one of the world’s most visited cities and with all its attractions and fascinating history. It’s easy to see why paris’s most recognizable attraction is the EIFFEL TOWER. It was built in 1889 for the world fair. The eiffel tower is 324 meter high. Which made it the tallest man made structure in the world untill 1930. Another popular attraction is the LOUVRE MUSEUM. It’s the world’s largest art museum and it’s home to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. You can also take a drive around the arctic triumph or walk the grounds of the palace of VERSAILLES and there’s just so much to see in this grand city.


Now after we’re gonna visit the Loire Valley. Now look in central france about a 2 hours drive from paris this has to be the chateau capital of the world. It’s home to over 300 french castles, now if you’re wondering why there are so many chateaus here. It’s because of the combination of location fertile grounds and the competition amongst kings and royals that brought so many castles here.
One of the most famous CHATEAU DE CHAMBORD. It’s the largest in the valley and its estate is as big as paris. It’s rumored that Leonardo da vinci helped design it. It took over 28 years to build and was finished in 1547. Now from above you can see it’s perfectly square, most that was built to protect the castle and it’s truly a mind-blowing piece of architecture.


We’re gonna head down to southern france to the french riviera. Now located on the southest corner of france. I have to say that the French riviera is home to some of the world’s best coastline. One stunning city on the french riviera is MENTON. It’s strikingly beautiful with its colorful buildings complemented with a backdrop of the maritime alps. We stayed several days here and i really enjoyed just walking around the city. Menton was a part of italy until 1860, when it and the rest of nice country was added to france. There’s a great boardwalk that walks along the coast. I really enjoyed going out to the lighthouse pier to get panoramic views of menton.

1- EZE –

Now afterwards and last we’re going to visit the medieval town of eze, now located on a hilltop tower looking over the french riviera. I have to say this was easily the coolest medieval place. I visited in my time in southern france, it was only a short 30 minute drive from Menton. Now as was founded during the middle ages around the 14th century and today is known worldwide for its medieval vibe and views of the french riviera. When we were there we parked in a parking lot at the base of Eze and then walked up the winding stairs and cobblestone paths through the village, i mean you really feel like.

You’re walking back in time everything is so old yet it’s perfectly preserved and the village is just full of like these tunnel walkways and trees that were just built around truly is such a cool place. Now one of the main features of the village is the exotic garden. It’s this beautiful place that sits on top of the village. It not only has beautiful plants and cactuses but it offers one of the best views of the french riviera. It’s definitely worth the hike and 6 euro entry fee.

Well that is it for my france top10. I’m barely scratching the surface so be expecting a part 2 coming soon of this travel blog. Let me know where your favorite place is in the comments below.

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